We created Bali for one simple reason, to blend South Asian culture into our daily life for our kids. Our brand is a celebration of cultural transitions, offering keepsake jewelry that is wearable, giveable, and valuable for the cutest little humans in your life. 


I think we can all agree that mom's are truly special! Bali was a fluke name that my nephew gave to my mom. No one really knows why he started calling her Bali, but he did and so, here we are. A special name for a special mom that inspired this collective. When I started brainstorming what I wanted to name this passion project, I knew it had to be meaningful and what better way to give something meaning than to name it after two things that I adore! My Mom (Bali) and my culture (Bali is a Gujarati term used for a piece of jewelry). 

My dream is for our keepsakes to be an everyday staple in your kids jewelry box. I hope it becomes a reminder that blends both east and west cultures that embraces one coexisting community.

Thank you for joining our Bali community, I hope these pieces bring you as much joy giving them as it did creating them for us. 

With love,